Independent Republic of Mikhamik

Mikha Dominguez aka Mikhamik (Caracas, May 12, 1987) is a Queer non binary latinx Venezuelan visual artist, photographer and sculptor and a blacksmith who has resided in Minneapolis since 2014. Their early career was spent working in the Venezuelan national television industry as a set designer and Art Director where he experienced state censorship under the dictatorship of President Hugo Chávez. In response, Dominguez left Venezuela, and joined the more than six million other Venezuelans who fled the militaristic and authoritarian Chávez regime.  In 2020 Mikha taught community workshops at the Holter Museum of Art in Montana. Recently the work of Mikha Dominguez was part of the artists included in the 50th anniversary of the Pride of the Twin Cities. In 2022 Mikha was one of three artists-in-residence at the NE Sculpture Gallery in Minneapolis. Dominguez’s work is actively being part of the community through “Mikhamik House Of Arts” a series of installations of public access made by the artist on the facade of their home in South Minneapolis. Mikha is currently developing blacksmithing studies.

Welcome to my Kingdom!

Desmond is amazing

New York 2021

Roz the Diva

Minneapolis 2019

What is the size of your cross?

Minneapolis 2021


Minneapolis 2020


Minneapolis 2020

Who do you pray for?

October 2021.

Sunflower dreams.

September 2021.


September 2021

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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