Art in the Backyard

“Art in the Backyard” is an artistic community event created and coordinated by visual artist “Mikha” Dominguez. The event aims to offer a space for artistic creation and diffusion, especially for LGBTQ+ artists, immigrants, and people of color.
Unlike other platforms “Art in the Backyard” does not require a fee to participate. “Art in the Backyard” is a space that wants to provide a safe space for artists to come and showcase, sell, promote and share their work and experiences, but above all, it is an event that seeks to bring the community together through creative expressions.

“Art in the Backyard” seeks to have different editions aimed at audiences of all ages. The event seeks to cover different disciplines of art, such as painting workshops for children, exhibitions, film screenings, and talks.

In this edition, participants will have the chance to enjoy a puppet show put all together by the super talent Eva Louise Cone Adderley after the show we will have a fire, music, videos to enjoy basically what is going to be one the last warm days this year.

Art in the Backyard

Summer 2021.

“Lily’s Valley”

Lily’s Valley is an immersive puppet show featuring a charismatic hare, a magical transformation, and light audience participation. 

Created by the Artist Eva Adderly.

Halloween in the backyard.

October 2021
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